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Compustar is the leader in quality for remote starts, security systems and combo remote start security. They are located here in Washington state not China or some other far away land. That way you know you are getting USA quality and know-how from their manufacturing.

At Car Stereo Plus when it comes to security systems we will only install (even purchased elsewhere) top quality units. Security systems are integrated into every vital part of your vehicle and if an inferior brand or part is used they can cause havoc with a cars electrical system. Be assured here at Car Stereo Plus we only sell the top brands and we also offer a Life time warranty on not only our installation but also on the main control brain of any unit purchased from us.

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Add extra convenience and security to your vehicle with the 1BAM Remote Start + Security System. The 1BAM remote is a 1-button transmitter that will give you 800 feet of range for starting and securing your vehicle. The 1BAM remote's small, compact design will make it a convenient addition to your car's keychain!