At Car Stereo Plus we carry a variety of amplifiers. From the ultra high end to the entry level you will find what you need for your budget. We also take the time to make sure your amplifier is correct for the OHM load that you are dealing with. This is very important if you want to get the full potential out of what you are buying.

Car Stereo Plus is a Signature dealer for JL audio so be assured that when buying their products from us you will get the full manufacture warranty and tech support information.

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Sleek and powerful, RD amplifiers deliver outstanding amplifier performance and versatility at an unprecedented value. RD Amplifiers Developed in-house by the same engineering team that brought you the XDv2 and HD amplifiers, our latest RD amplifiers utilize JL Audio’s exclusive NexD™ switching technologies to generate loads of power with exceptional efficiency to reduce current draw and heat. Each model features a modern, industrial design with a high performance look and finish.